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<blockquote> phpDocumentor version 1.3.0RC3

Parsing configuration file phpDocumentor.ini... done using tokenizer Parser

 -f    --filename                name of file(s) to parse ',' file1,file2. 
                                 Can contain complete path and * ? wildcards
 -d    --directory               name of a directory(s) to parse
 -ed    --examplesdir            full path of the directory to look for
                                 example files from @example tags
 -tb    --templatebase           base location of all templates for this
 -t    --target                  path where to save the generated files
 -i    --ignore                  file(s) that will be ignored, multiple
                                 separated by ','.  Wildcards * and ? are ok
 -it    --ignore-tags            tags to ignore for this parse.  @package,
                                 @subpackage, @access and @ignore may not be
 -dh    --hidden                 set equal to on (-dh on) to descend into
                                 hidden directories (directories starting
                                 with '.'), default is off
 -q    --quiet                   do not display parsing/conversion messages. 
                                 Useful for cron jobs on/off default off
 -ti    --title                  title of generated documentation, default is
                                 'Generated Documentation'
 -h    --help                    show this help message
 -c    --useconfig               Use a Config file in the users/ subdirectory
                                 for all command-line options
 -pp    --parseprivate           parse @internal and elements marked private
                                 with @access.  Use on/off, default off
 -po    --packageoutput          output documentation only for selected
                                 packages.  Use a comma-delimited list
 -dn    --defaultpackagename     name to use for the default package.  If not
                                 specified, uses 'default'
 -dc    --defaultcategoryname    name to use for the default category.  If not
                                 specified, uses 'default'
 -o    --output                  output information to use separated by ','. 
                                 Format: output:converter:templatedir like
 -cp    --converterparams        dynamic parameters for a converter, separate
                                 values with commas
 -ct    --customtags             custom tags, will be recognized and put in
                                 tags[] instead of unknowntags[]
 -s    --sourcecode              generate highlighted sourcecode for every
                                 parsed file (PHP 4.3.0+ only) on/off default
 -j    --javadocdesc             JavaDoc-compliant description parsing.  Use
                                 on/off, default off (more flexibility)
 -p    --pear                    Parse a PEAR-style repository (package is
                                 directory, _members are @access private)
                                 on/off default off
 -ric    --readmeinstallchangelogSpecify custom filenames to parse like
                                 README, INSTALL or CHANGELOG files