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changelog - 1.1.0


<blockquote> 06-06-2005 frederic HENNINOT [email protected]

  • update 'INSTALL' file and 'TODO' file

05-06-2005 frederic HENNINOT [email protected]

  • change sqlitemanager home page into export data
  • Fix notice on export when 'DROP VIEW'
  • Change name of SQLITE3 option
  • All general settings can be modify in a file : ''

02-06-2005 frederic HENNINOT <[email protected]

  • Fix bug on database attachment with PDO

01-06-2005 frederic HENNINOT <[email protected]

  • Fix bug when varchar fields contain '"'
  • Fix Trigger problem with PDO
  • Adding an SQLite3 demonstration database
  • Fix bug when drop table with PDO
  • remove insert from file, this commande not exist into SQLite3
  • Fix bug when change table properties with PDO

31-05-2005 frederic HENNINOT <[email protected]

  • Fix view problem with PDO
  • Fix Trigger problem with PDO
  • remove 'User Defined Function' management for SQLite3 with PDO (PDO don't support UDF)
  • Fix export problem with PDO
  • Fix quotes problem into french text
  • Enhancement Transaction who lock database

30-05-2005 frederic HENNINOT <[email protected]

  • Fix count changes row with PDO
  • Fix ROWID retreive with PDO
  • Fix PRAGMA SQLite3 Options
  • Fix DROP table with PDO
  • Fix Remove Database with PDO

25-05-2005 frederic HENNINOT <[email protected]

  • Enhancement of PDO use to manage SQLite3 database