SimpleTest 1.0.1 alpha と Eclipse用プラグインが登場

Posted By: lastcraft

Date: 2005-07-27 14:49

Summary: SimpleTest Eclipse plug-in

An early alpha release of an Eclipse plug-in for SimpleTest has been released. If you are using one of the Eclipse PHP plug-ins and what to integrate unit and web testing, then this may be for you.


Posted By: lastcraft

Date: 2005-07-28 05:03

Summary: SimpleTest 1.0.1 alpha release

It’s been a while since the last update. This is mainly a maintanence release, but does add some additional features to the web tester. In particular, HTML labels can be used to identify clickable elements and file uploads are now supported. SimpleTest provides unit testing, mock objects and web testing framework for PHP built around test cases. If you know JUnit or some of the PHPUnit clones this will need no explanation. It also adds JWebUnit style testing including cookies, authentication and form handling