XOOPS v2.0.6 Changelog



  • Removed calls to XoopsHandlerRegistry class (onokazu)
  • Fixed loop problem after retrieving a lost password (onokazu)
  • Changed all include() calls to include_once() for xoopscodes.php (onokazu)
  • Added routines to remove users from the online member list when a user is deleted (onokazu)
  • Added parameters to the Critreria class constructor to allow the use of DB functions in SQL criteria (skalpa)
  • Added fetchBoth() method to the XoopsDatabase class (skalpa)
  • Fixed typos in class/smarty/plugins/resource.db.php (skalpa)
  • Refactoring in /class/xoopsform/form.php (skalpa)
  • Added some methods to /class/xoopsform/formelement.php to allow the use of accesskey and class attributes in form element tags (skalpa)
  • Fixed extra HTML tags not being displayed when using the XoopsThemeForm::insertBreak() method (Catzwolf)
  • Changed the default HTTP method of the search form to GET (onokazu)
  • Fixed notification constants not being included during installation (onokazu)
  • Fixed session data not being properly escaped before inserting to the database (onokazu)
  • Some useful changes to the group permission form (onokazu)
  • Fixed the block cachetime selection being reset after preview (onokazu)
  • Fixed invalid regex patterns used for username filtering, also added fix to allow the safe use of multi-byte characters in username (contributed by GIJOE)
  • Fixed bug where some blocks were not being displayed in block admin page on certain occasions (onokazu)
  • Fixed the problem of system admin icon disappearing on certain occasions (onokazu)
  • Fixed the errorhandler class to check the current error_reporting level before handleing errors (onokazu)
  • Re-activated the errorhandler class (onokazu)
  • Updated class/Snoopy.php to the latest version, v1.01 (onokazu)
  • Fixed a typo in kernel/online.php (onokazu)
  • Added some useful functions to include/xoops.js (skalpa)
  • Fix for Opera in include/xoops.js (onokazu)
  • Fixed user bio and signature values causing corruption in the edit profile form on certain occasions (onokazu)
  • Fixed the module name being reset to the default value after module update (onokazu)
  • Fixed invalid regex patterns in xoopslists.php (onokazu)
  • Fixed a few issues with register_globals setting
  • Fix for the auto-login feature (not activated)
  • Fixed image categories not being displayed in the order set by admin (onokazu)
  • Fixed a typo in kernel/config.php (onokazu)
  • Fixed comments not being displayed in the order as requested (onokazu)
  • Fixed the mailer class not setting some header values (onokazu)
  • Fixed chmod problem in class/uploader.php
  • Fixed magic_quotes related problems in class/uploader.php
  • Fixed notification routines causing a fatal error while trying to notify non-existent users (onokazu)
  • Added fix to convert & to & within mail messages (onokazu)
  • Fixed html special characters causing problem when submitting a new module name (onokazu)
  • Fixed javascript error in mailuser form (onokazu)
  • Fixed javascript error in calendar date select form
  • Added a new Smarty function <{xoops_link}> (skalpa)
  • Added check to prevent webmaster user/group from being removed completely (contributed by Ryuji)


  • Added fix to always display published date in each article (onokazu)
  • Added missing ?> at the end of file in xoops_version.php (onokazu)
  • Some fixes in admin/index.php


  • Fixed color bar selections not working when creating/editing a new poll (onokazu)

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